The next North Campus Meeting will be announced at a later date.

Regional Dinners

Our Regional Dinners are for those interested and/or committed to joining North Campus. The purpose of these dinners is to have smaller gatherings where we spend time in fellowship and prayer for the church. Here is the current schedule for these dinners:

  • April 16: Santa Ana / Tustin / Irvine
  • May 7: Brea / Placentia / Yorba Linda / Anaheim Hills / La Mirada / La Habra / Whittier
  • June 11: Fullerton / Buena Park / Anaheim / Garden Grove / Cerritos / Cypress
  • July 23: Diamond Bar / Chino / Chino Hills / Pomona / Ontario / Rancho Cucamonga
  • August (date TBD): Pasadena / LA
  • September (date TBD): Santa Ana / Tustin / Irvine

Emails will be sent out for each dinner. Dinners are hosted in people's homes and so due to limited space, we ask that you attend the dinner for your region. We are planning to have at least two dinners for each region if you are unable to make the first one! If you have any questions, please email Terri.

Update to Interest survey Response

We know that many have made a decision on whether to stay or go since completing the interest survey. If your decision has changed, please email Terri.

Interest Meeting #2 - April 2

You can view the recording of the latest interest meeting here. Please continue to pray for God's guidance and provision in this multiplication as many decisions are being made. You can find past interest meetings below.


  • Pastor Keith Park, Lead Pastor
  • Pastor Richard Kim, Associate Pastor
  • Sam Cho, Provisional Elder
  • Eric Lee, Provisional Elder 
  • Pastor Josh Chang, Associate Pastor - Education
  • Pastor Sam Pyo, Youth Pastor
  • Terri Tsai, Director of Operations
  • Robin Im, Worship Coordinator 
  • Michael Kim, College Coordinator 
  • Jeesu Park, College Coordinator



  1. Where will the new church be located? [Click to see the general map location]
    • The Elder Board is currently in the process of praying and searching for a building. We are hoping to find a place that will be around the 57/60/71 freeways.
  2. What are the current needs of North Campus?
    • We have various roles to fill including (but not limited to): college staff, education teachers (AWANA, Sunday School, Youth), audio/visual/sound, website developer, graphic designer, video editor/videographer, and photographer.
  3. Will Acts and Access ministries be an extension or separate from Church of Southland? 
    • Both ministries will be in partnership but separate from Church of Southland. We hope to do retreats and other events together as sister churches but the ministries will function separately.
  4. Will we have Awana? 
    • Yes, we plan to have Awana and it will continue to be on Fridays from September through May. 
  5. Will the cell schedule be the same?
    • Our cells will end this season at our normal time in May, we’ll take a break, and when cells begin again in the Fall, there will be North Campus cells. 
  6. How will cell locations be determined? 
    • Cell locations will be provided to those in North Campus wherever they may be. However, we are on mission with God and we are to be His ambassadors and Kingdom servants to reach those in the area. Please prayerfully consider if God is asking you to join a cell in the area to reach the people there.
  7. If there are delays in our schedule, will all programs still begin in the Fall? 
    • Our current timeline is our hope but it is all contingent on finding a building. But if we have a building and it needs time to be renovated, we plan to meet at a hotel until we are able to move in.
  8. Where will Pastor Keith be when this new church begins?
    • After the multiplication and vote of confidence for Pastor Sung, Pastor Keith will share his time between both locations.
  9. What changes are happening with our staff and elders?
    • Depending on the needs of the multiplication, the appropriate staff and elders will also transfer (some provisionally) to North Campus.


  1. How can I pray for our church as we go through this church multiplication?
    • God’s guidance, provision and clear leading as well as our obedience
    • Location that can accommodate our various ministries
    • Discernment for each and every church member as we discern our personal calling in the multiplication
    • We will maintain unity as brothers and sisters in the multiplication process
  2. Are we now a multisite church or are we splitting?
    • We are not a multisite church and we are not splitting. There may be some overlap in resources during the transition and possibly the first year or two as we multiply the church. Multiplication is a sign of a healthy church. Rather than church planting, where it typically begins with a smaller group and the intention to develop into a church, multiplication is when a church already has the leadership and the people to start a church in a different location and thereby reaching even more people.
  3. How will CoS change because of this multiplication?
    • The vision is the same yet the makeup of our body will change since it is our hope that a good contingent of brothers and sisters will join North Campus. This means we will need people to step up into new roles and opportunities at both churches. We will continue to have all three services and all our existing ministries and communities at CoS.
  4. Can I join a cell at one location and church at another?
    • Cells are small group gatherings where we pursue biblical life application together, intentionally build relationships and belong to a spiritual family. Because of this, we ask that you commit to one church’s Sunday service and cells.


  1. Will it be up to each individual family whether they stay or go? And who should I speak with if I’m interested in going?
    • Yes it will be up to each individual family whether they stay or go. Please pray and ask God whether He is asking you to stay or go.
  2. Who should I talk to if I’m interested in going?
  3. Can we go after the multiplication begins or change our minds?
    • Yes, church doors are always open but we encourage you to begin praying now as to whether God is leading you to stay or go.

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