bringing your child to treehouse

To create a safe & secure environment for all families, we require each family to check-in every child at a self check-in kiosk.

Please note: RSVP is required to attend in person. E-mail is sent every Tuesday at 5PM. 

1. Find any available check-in kiosk to print nametags
2. Place name-tag on back of child. Must keep parent label for pick-up
3. Walk your child(ren) to their respective worship rooms
4. Don’t forget to say ‘Hello’ to our coordinators/teachers

1. Pick up your child immediately after service. Pick up location is the same as drop-off. 
2. Must present parent label to pick-up your child in their respective rooms.
Note: For security reasons, your child will not be permitted to leave without a matching label.
In case of an emergency, we will send you a text. Please make sure your phone is with you and on vibrate during worship services.
All Treehouse volunteers are carefully screened and supervised. They have completed a comprehensive application before serving in Treehouse. This application includes a background and reference check. In addition, most teachers are First Aid, CPR, and AED certified by the American Heart Association.  And our volunteers are committed members of Church of Southland.

Visit our welcoming booth at our education building. A team member will assist you in completing a Family Registration Form. Then, our welcome team will print appropriate labels and walk your family to the child’s respective rooms.

Questions? Please share with us below and we will get back to you shortly.