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Therefore go...

As a member of Acts Ministries International (AMI™), Church of Southland is committed to supporting and sending out missionaries around the world. From the very first year, Southland has made it a priority, both financially and spiritually, to join God in His global redemptive work by partnering with local missionaries and planting new churches on the mission field. Join with us in praying for our global missionaries and churches.

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Anthony & Tina Pham
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Currently we are missionaries in training
preparing to serve in Vietnam.

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Yeri Kim

Tokyo, Japan
Prayer Requests
  • Remembrance: To not forget who my God is and what He’s done, when I struggle and doubt.
  • Love: To break my heart for what breaks His in Japan and to love His people with an overflowing agape love.
  • Joy: To be so close to Jesus and live a simple life of faithfulness there, full of His joy.

Harrisen Min

Coban, Guatemala
Prayer Requests
  • That the joy of the Lord would be my strength, even in the midst of fatigue and loneliness
  • I would grow in humility as God kills my pride and helps me to surrender control over my desires/fears
  • Boldness to take advantage of Gospel opportunities and intentionality to build relationships

Kaylin Kim

Coban, Guatemala
Prayer Requests
  • To see every circumstance through His perspective, for knowledge of His love, and total reliance on God's strength in all that I do
  • Trust that the Lord will comfort, strengthen, and bring joy to my family while I am gone
  • For boldness to proclaim the truth & glory of God as an overflow of His Holy Spirit