iGHO (international giving health organization)

iGHO is the medical ministry at Church of Southland and Acts Ministries International.
iGHO exists to share the Gospel through medical care and needs.
Each year, we plan, equip, and send medical teams to different overseas locations.
Please come and join us. We welcome medical professionals as well as non-medical personnel.

2022 iGHO Mission Trip

Medical and non-medical applicants are welcome to apply as the ministry will definitely require both! 


Typical training includes:
  • Five Friday night worship services & team prayer meetings afterward
  • Five Sunday training sessions
  • One Food Pantry participation
  • Additional TBD as per mission destination and needs


Pekanbaru, Indonesia - November 10-19, 2022
The iGHO Medical team will be traveling to Pekanbaru, Indonesia to support our AMI local Pastor Jonedy Umboh and his wife Ana at Insan Permata Orphange and Glow Fellowship Church by providing various forms of medical services.  We will minister to the children at the orphange/ school as well as to the families in the surrounding communities and a church and its isolated community in the jungle.

Applicant Requirements

Applicants must be members of Church of Southland.
For membership, the following is required:
  1. Regular attendance of Sunday worship for at least a year
  2. Regular attendance of cell group (must be approved by cell leader)
  3. Regular tithing
  4. Have attended the Experience God discipleship course in completion
  5. Have attended an Encounter retreat


Please contact Elder John S Kim by clicking the button below.